A cost-effective solution to ensure the longevity of your tyres.

At SSTT we understand that fleet owners would do virtually anything to keep their fleet running and the ever-existing problem of tyre degradation is always at the back of their minds. Our product is made to last and keep your tyres in tip-top condition so that you can keep on driving for longer.


If a tyre is correctly inflated it will have less rolling resistance, which will result in longer tyre life and better fuel mileage. Poorly inflated tyres resist rolling and cause poor mileage, while also heating up quicker, which means they wear out 10% – 40% faster than they should. Heat is the number one tyre killer with under inflation also being one of the main causes.

See below the table of tyre deterioration due to under inflation.

Pounds Under Inflated% Tyre Tread LostLost Fuel Economy
5lb (15%)22%3.1%
7lb (20%)28%4.4%
10lb (27%)37%6.25%

A road test by Shell Research Laboratories has shown that if the typical 36psi capacity tyre is under inflated by 5lb it will result in:

  • Increased tear wear by 25%
  • Increased fuel use by 3%

With under inflated tyres, not only do you pay more for fuel and maintenance, you also lose your current tyre investment faster and have to pay for new tyres and retread sooner.

The Benefits of SSTT

1. Safety

SSTT is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and is also biodegradable making it environmentally safe.

2. Compatibility

It is required that all sealants are tested before use and then again after 25 000 miles of use – this affirms that the sealant will not cause problems later.

SSTT has been extensively tested and meets all the requirements required. The rust inhibitors and anti-bacteriostats present in SSTT ensures that it is total harmony with all elements present in tyres and ensures compatibility.

3. Dependable & Reliable

At SSTT we guarantee the integrity of the product by producing genuine documentation as proof that our product meets and exceeds the specifications of any fleet operator during inspection.

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