Who we are

Self Sealing Tyre Technology is a Proudly South African run business that manufactures and sells tyre sealants for both light and commercial motor vehicles. The sealants can be used as pre-treatments to prevent punctures and tyre damage.


The ramifications of tyre landfills

  1. Water retention and mosquitoes – Tyres form an ideal storage unit for stagnant water, which become ideal breeding grounds for insects such as malaria-carrying mosquitoes. Spraying these tyres are costly and ineffective.
  2. Fire – Large stockpiles of waste tyres poses a serious threat of fire.
  3. Smoke – Acid smoke generated from burnt tyres causes respiratory problems and pollution.

A green initiative

In addition to saving tyres from landfills our product is made with recycled rubber. The main ingredient, Propylene Glycol, is a biodegradable substance that is often an addition in various food products. Our product meets all the Environmental Protection Agency standards and complies with all Toxic Substance Authority requirements.